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Why is Selenium IDE so popular?

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The reason for the popularity of Selenium IDE is because it was formed with the principal purpose to enhance the speed of test case creation. Selenium IDE has user action record and playback options which assists you to create simple tests rapidly. The interface of IDE is accessible and also supports multiple extensions. For robust test automation and to run your scripts in diverse browsers, Selenium 1 to Selenium 2 are suggested.

Here I am mentioning some of the reasons why selenium IDE is so popular:-

  • Selenium IDE supports Edit, Record, and debugging features, also named Record/Replay or Record/Playback.

  • This IDE is very much ideal for beginners.

  • You can Play and record ensure that you don't have to develop everything from scratch again as there is a playback option.

  • Another advantage is that you can also write your own extensions & implement loops.

  • This Selenium- IDE is very user-friendly. Selenium IDE did this job really well — that is the one reason why many people are still using it every day.

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