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Where can I learn Kubernetes from zero to implementing it in production?

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There are a number of websites offering courses which you can take to learn Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Some time back I was also searching for resources to learn Kubernetes. Never been much of a fan of textbook learning I resorted to online courses to learn about Kubernetes.

Choosing the course right for me was quite a task as I did not want to end up enrolling in a course where I am provided with reading material to read from a screen. After spending some time on the internet researching about the various courses available, I came across Intellipaat which provides you Kubernetes Training Course.

The course consists of number of quizzes and assignments where you can test your knowledge that you have gained. If you are not satisfied with your performance you can easily re-visit the lectures again and again.

There are many things in this course you will learn about which includes the key technologies like how virtualization and containers are influencing the way we architect software today, develop a high level understanding of the concrete changes each technology is bringing, along with pros and cons & hands-on experience with virtualization, containers, kubernetes, and serverless computing.

There are some important things that I would recommend you before joining the course. You should have:

  • A computer or access to a server with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux already installed (8GB memory recommended)

  • Ability and permission to install software

  • Have written at least one software application and deployed it, or knows well how the process works

  • Familiar with the command line

  • Text editor

You can watch the following video tutorial to learn all the prerequisites and all other things in detail.


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