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Which Kubernetes features allowed it to become more popular than Docker Swarm?

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Below are the some of the benefits of managed Kubernetes services which allows it to become more popular than Docker Swarm:-

Tailored Kubernetes implementation roadmap:-

Expert engineers evaluate all your current workflows and workloads, as well as develop a strategic plan for overcoming existing bottlenecks and successfully building a future path for a production-grade Kubernetes implementation in your organization.

Finely tuned Kubernetes deployment:-

The tech teams help you to reduce infrastructure costs and safely bet on Kubernetes to power mission-critical enterprise applications.

Continuous support:-

The support service includes monitoring implementation to detect possible issues before they affect the business and custom-fit backup/recovery solutions integration.

If you want to learn both the Docker swarm and kubernetes than you can have a look at the following DevOps Training Course. If you are more into reading then you can read the following tutorial of DevOps. Below is the link of the video which will give you more insights about these two topics.


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