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I am searching for information on algorithms to process text sentences or to follow a structure when creating sentences that are valid in a normal human language such as English. I would like to know if there are projects working in this field that I can go learn from or start using.

For example, if I gave a program a noun, provided it with a thesaurus (for related words) and part-of-speech (so it understood where each word belonged in a sentence) - could it create a random, valid sentence?

I'm sure there are many sub-sections of this kind of research so any leads into this would be great.

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Yes, it can be done by NLP(natural language processing). Computers can’t yet truly understand English in the way that humans do   but in certain limited areas, what you can do with NLP already seems like magic. You might be able to save a lot of time by applying NLP techniques to your own projects.

And even better, the latest advances in NLP are easily accessible through open source Python libraries like spaCy, textacy, and neuralcoref.

For better understanding, refer the following link:

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