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Greetings all,

I am in the designing phase of one of my hobby projects.I am going to develop a 3D air-combat game. (inspired by HAWX). But I am wondering how the AI works for enemy crafts? I guess they do not move along a path (pathfinding on a graph)as in FPS games. What kind of algorithms can I use for enemy craft movement? Are there any AI libraries I can use for this?

Note: I use irrlicht engine, C++ as my development environment.

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Here is an interesting blog that you can refer to for the AI algorithm for Flight game. 

Path Following is not Pathfinding

How your AI determines to follow this path is something completely different and is referred to as Path Following. The typical strategy for Path Following is to allow your AI to look ahead of where it's traveling to see if it can short cut the path to making more natural curved movements.

Havok AI Demo at GDC 2011

3D Scene

The scene with numerous flying AI's

Inverted Navigation Volume Scene

An inverted view of the navigation volume

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