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I'm running a CherryPy web server at on an EC2 instance.

I can connect to the web server via local wget on the EC2 machine, but I can't reach the instance from my own remote machine (I connect to EC2 via ssh).

Do I need to open up port 8787 to access the web server remotely? If so, how can this be done? Also, can I use the public IP of the EC2 instance for this?

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Follow these steps to do this:

  • Open "Network & Security" -- Security Group settings are on the left-hand navigation
  • Find the security group connected to your instance
  • Choose “inbound rules
  • Type the port number (in your case 8787) in “port range” then click “Add Rule”
  • Use the drop-down and add HTTP (port 80)

And it is done.

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