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How to copy my files from my windows machine to an aws instance? Is there any way other than using FTP clients like filezilla, winscp. 

Some insights for this would be helpful.

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You can copy your files using the 'SCP command' from your windows machine.

Transferring files to your AWS instance can be possible from your command prompt.

Copy the keypair (.pem format) to the folder where the files(that you want to transfer) are present.

open the command prompt, and enter the directory using:

cd /path/to/folder/

Then, try the below command for copying the file:

scp -i ./key-pair.pem ./path/to/files/ <username>@<public-ip>:/pathwhere/you/need/to/copy

For example: 

scp -i ./xyz.pem ./hello.txt [email protected]:/home/ec2-user/hello/

For more information, check out this AWS tutorial.

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