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Are there alternatives to Selenium IDE?

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Yes, there is an alternative of Selenium IDE. The Selenium IDE is only meant to be used mainly as a prototyping/exploratory, bug reproduction tool if you look at their website Browser Automation. So we use it depending on what language you are using, so you can do this in the IDE of your choice. So if you are writing your tests in Java then you can use a Java IDE like Eclipse or IntelliJ. Same is applied to Python, Ruby, etc.

If you are trying to build something robust in that case building a test framework around what the selenium IDE generates is not a good idea. It is useful if you are starting on a small project to get familiar with automation but beyond that, your tests will be very brittle (for example an HTML element changing it’s id/location) could break all your tests and you would be in for a lot of maintenance to keep them working. The Page Object pattern is worth looking into in cases like this as well as a modular/reusable design for your tests.

If you are looking to learn Selenium then you must take up the following Selenium Training Course. If you are more into reading the stuff then you must read the following Selenium Tutorial. For your reference, I am mentioning a video tutorial which you should watch to learn more about it.


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