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Could someone tell me what is the use of Selenium IDE in the field of testing?

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Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) previously known as Selenium Recorder. It allows writing Selenium tests and record, edit and debug functional tests. It is implemented as a plugin software for web browsers available as a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on. In addition, there are other facilities available within the Selenium IDE which includes

·         It has a command-line utility  also known as the Command line runner, this utility allows you to run all of your tests on the browser at the type of a command

·         It consumes fewer resources as compared to other testing frameworks

·         It can be integrated with other testing frameworks like Maven, Ant for source code compilation

·         It has support for all the major browsers and programming languages

·         It allows the tests to run in parallel

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Our easy-to-grasp blog can give you a solid understanding of the Selenium IDE.

Watching our below video can sharpen your knowledge of the Selenium IDE:

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