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Is there any way where I can add days to a date in an expression.
Field: payment_date
and I want 15 days to be added to that date

Thanks in Advance!



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In order to control content and report appearance, Expressions are frequently used in Reporting Services paginated reports. Expressions can use built-in functions, custom code, report, group variables, and user-defined variables.

DateAdd: This function is basically used for supplying a range of dates based on a single parameter. The following expression provides a date that is three months after the date from a parameter named StartDate.

Syntax: =DateAdd(DateInterval.Month, 3, Parameters!StartDate.Value)  

Go to Expression editor, under the Common Functions in the Category window, check Date & Time functions. We cam make use of DateAdd() function.

=DateAdd("d", 15, Fields!payment_date)

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