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How to create parameter in tableau?

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You can create the parameters in Tableau so below are the steps:

Step 1: First import the default sample superstore dataset in to Tableau and it is present under saved dataset option as shown below. Create a blank worksheet by clicking add worksheet option which is present at the bottom of Tableau interface.

Step 2: Once you created the new worksheet then click on the inverted triangle symbol which is present just in front of Dimensions and select create parameter as shown below

Step 3: Lets assume if you want to create the parameter to show the date granularity then rename the parameter and select string data type and put the desired values.

Step 4: Once you create the parameter then it will be shown under Parameters, Then right click on that parameter and select Show parameter option then you will the parameter (Date Granularity) in the upper right corner of your worksheet.

In the similar manner you can create more complex parameters and link those parameters with calculated fields, for that you can check tableau certification.

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