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I understand that hyperledger sawtooth lake uses new secure CPU instructions to achieve Proof of elapsed time (PoET)

Does this mean that hyperledger sawtooth lake can only be used with Intel hardware? Can other chips be used?

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As a matter of fact, Hyperledger Sawtooth is a hardware neutral blockchain solution stack. It actually features an additional SGX feature owing to which consensus can be hardened. 

There are some features of Hyperledger Sawtooth that I would like to highlight. 

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth enables a pluggable consensus. This is achieved by allowing multiple consensus algorithms. Proof of Elapsed Time or PoET is one of those algorithms. 

  • Within Hyperledger Sawtooth, PoET simulator dwells. This simulator is compatible with non-intel hardware systems also.  

  • Also, the RAFT consensus algorithm is recently added to Hyperledger Sawtooth. In RAFT consensus, the algorithm chooses a leader arbitrarily, and that leader is replaced when timed-out. This makes Sawtooth faster as RAFT is relatively quick than PoET, and it does not fork. 

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