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The problem is that I need to compare two fields of different types in a SOQL query.

TextField is a Picklist (so really text) and IntField is a Number(2, 0). Changing the types of these fields is not possible.

I would like to write SOQL like:

SELECT Id FROM SomeObject__c

WHERE Cast(TextField as Integer) > IntField

Obviously Cast(TextField as Integer) does NOT work.

Any advice on type conversion within SOQL. The normal APEX functions (e.g. integer.valueof) don't seem to be of any help here.


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SOQL itself doesn't sustain casting but you can forever lend a helping hand ;)

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You can go ahead and create a Numeric formula field in SomeObject__c:

IF(ISNUMBER(TextField__c), VALUE(TextField__c), NULL)

or something related depending on your definition of the cast to int. Now, you can go ahead and use this field in a SOQL query.

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