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I am trying to retrieve opportunities created between 01-01-2011 and 06-30-2011.

Select o.CreatedDate, o.Id, o.LastModifiedDate

from Opportunity o 

where   o.CreatedDate > '1/1/2011' and o.CreatedDate <  '12/31/2011'

order by  o.LastModifiedDate

since createdate is a datetime I get an error saying createdDate is DateTime and should not be enclosed in quotes.

Can someone help on how to get this query working? I just want this query to get it running in apex explorer, this is not part of apex code

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You can use the following SOQL query to retrieve opportunities between two dates:

Select o.CreatedDate, o.Id, o.LastModifiedDate 

from Opportunity o 

where   o.CreatedDate > 2011-01-01T00:00:00Z and o.CreatedDate < 2011-12-31T00:00:00Z 

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