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Could someone tell me what are and how many job opportunities are there for data science jobs in India?

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There are various job portals that you can register in to find out about various Data Science jobs and opportunities that are available in India.

  • LinkedIn has over 5,000 openings for Data Science professionals in India.

  • Naukri has over 41,000 job openings available for Data Science professionals in India

 According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a Data Science professional in India is ₹990,000.

 Following is a job description of one of the Data Science jobs that is available:

  • Data Mining using programming languages and modern tools  

  • Uses models to uncover patterns and predictions 

  • Has the perspective of the business domain 

  • Working with data visualization tools/methods to demonstrate insights

  • Maintaining integrity, accuracy, and compliance of cleansed data

  • Staying updated with technology and trend shifts

  • Able to lead a project team and communicate well regarding progress and issue resolution

  • Represents the team for all phases of larger and more-complex development projects

  • Provides training and mentoring to less experienced members of the team

 Here are a set of Data Science interview questions to help you prepare for future job opportunities:

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