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I have the AWS Lambda function written in Ruby and because of a large amount of data it should process its timeouts. And due to the nature of the jobs, it is timing out due to very extensive maths and optimization of maths is out of the review, it is way more complex and not an option as sits in a proprietary library written in Ruby.

To avoid such issues I'm finding a way to migrate my Lambda code to AWS Fargate so that it will be able to instantiate a task and let it run for a long time. But I can't find a way to do so?

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You can follow the below steps to do so:

1. First Containerized your Ruby code.

2. Put the image in a repository like (DockerHub etc.)

3. Then, Create a task definition in ECS

4. Now, Create an ECS cluster.

5. Create a Service to run your task.

Hope this helps!!

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