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What is the prefered way to share code between AWS Lambda functions?

I have a structure like this:

  • functions
    • a
      • node_modules
      • index.js
      • package.json
    • b
      • node_modules
      • index.js
      • package.json
    • c
      • node_modules
      • index.js
      • package.json

This lets every function keep its own node_modules and I can package the whole thing with the CLI.

But what about custom code that needs to be shared?

I can require("../mylibrary") but the package command would still not include it.

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It is possible with Lambda Layers. Follow this sample SAM template code:



    Runtime: nodejs8.10


    Type: AWS::Serverless::Function


        CodeUri: a/

        Handler: index.handler


        - !Ref MySharedLayer


    Type: AWS::Serverless::LayerVersion


        LayerName: SharedLayer

        Description: sharing code is good

        ContentUri: layer/


            - nodejs8.10

        RetentionPolicy: Retain

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