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I want to know some details about the top 20 data scientists in India

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  •  Anand S


Anand is the Chief Data Scientist at He has directed and designed IT systems for organizations such as IBM,  Citigroup, Honda, Target, etc.

  • Chandra Mouli Kotta Kota

Chandra has worked in various domains, like Risk Analytics Marketing Analytics (CSI, CLM & Pricing), and Operation Analytics and has expertise in Big data and Multivariate analytical techniques.

  • Hindol Basu

Hindol is the head of the Analytics Consulting practice at Tata Industries (Consumer Analytics Division), with almost 13 years of analytics consulting experience spanning across multiple industry verticals and markets. Before joining the Tata group Hindol used to lead the Asia Pacific analytics consulting practice for FICO, in India. 

  • Joy Mustafi

Joy joined IBM India in 2006 as Analytics Consultant in the Business Analytics and Optimization service area. Working with IBM – India Software Lab, Watson Business Group (2013) to continue research and development in (Data Mining / Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing).

  • Nilesh Karnik

 Nilesh is the Chief Data Scientist at Aureus. He is responsible for the development of mathematical models and algorithms that help large organizations with advanced analytics solutions.

  • Praphul Chandra

Praphul Chandra is a Principal Data Scientist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He focuses on the application of machine learning techniques to streaming and sensor data. 

  • Prashant Warier

Prashant has  14 years of experience in data science and artificial intelligence. He is an expert in the fields of hyper-personalized marketing, merchandise planning, context-aware digital advertising, and network optimization. 

  • Rajeev Rastogi

Rajeev Rastogi is the Director of the Machine Learning division at Amazon where he leads the development of machine learning platforms and applications such as product classification, customer targeting, product recommendations, and deals ranking.

  • Satnam Singh

A researcher, data geek,  business, and team builder, Satnam has over 10 years of work experience in successfully building data products from concept to production. 

  • Shailesh Kumar

Shailesh Kumar is currently serving as Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of a Stealth mode AI startup. He also gives services as a faculty of Machine Learning at, ISB-Hyderabad, and IIIT-Hyderabad.

  • Viral Shah

Viral Shah is the CEO and co-creator of Julia Computing.  Based on Julia's research at the MIT university, the language is being used extensively across diverse domains for t research, teaching, and other purposes.

  • Dr. Pulak Ghosh

 Pulak Ghosh primary interests revolve around banking analytics, Big Data, business analytics, Machine Learning, and marketing analytics

  • Abhishek Thakur

 Abhishek Thakurworked at the University of Paderborn as a research assistant on business intelligence and artificial intelligence systems.

  • Rohan Rao


Rohan Rao now works as a senior data scientist for Paytm.

  • Sudalai Rajkumar

Sudalai Rajkumar has worked in the Research and Development team at Global Analytics and in Tiger Analytics and he lent his expertise to solve numerous customer concerns.

  • Shashi godbole

Shashi godbole solved business challenges in many areas, predicted the sale price for a bulldozer, and developed an algorithm that used patient records and helped to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.

  • Subramanian M S

Subramanian M S heads the analytics at India’s largest online supermarket and provides definitive actionable insights that help enhance the customer experiences. 

  • Sarita Digumarti

Sarita Digumarti co-founder and COO of Jigsaw Academy is keen on parting quality education on Analytics to Data Science aspirants.

  • Rwitwika Bhattacharya

Rwitwika Bhattacharya has worked and become successful in tying up Data Science to public governance and facilitating key governmental development programs.

  • Shantanu Bose

Shantanu Bose has about 10 years of experience in providing data-driven strategies for marketing and sales across various industries including TMT, Life Sciences, and Retail.

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