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Could someone tell me which is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi?

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Digital Marketing is one of the hottest trends in the Marketing arena. And with the huge population of young Indians, this sector will grow very large in the coming years. According to an industry survey, India has around 700 million Internet users in 2020 and is expected to north of 970 million by the year 2025. And the average Indian has started to spend more time online thanks to cheap Internet costs and better content online. The pandemic has surely hit the Marketing Firms and resulted in poor performance, but the positive side is that people have by far largely started considering Digital media as the way forward. That will fuel the growth of Digital Marketing in the coming years.

So, talking about the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, I would say it’s Intellipaat. Which is offering one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Delhi that meet the industry-standards in a package of online instructor-led or self-paced video modules with several guided projects and exercises to help you get adequate hands-on experience in the domain. These courses help you in social media strategy, Digital Marketing strategy, mobile advertising, etc. Once you join a course, you will get lifetime 24*7 technical support and assistance, and a 1:1 doubt clearing session for instructor-led modules. No doubt, you would like this range of courses, with its focus on developing practical skills in you. Courses like SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, etc. are all designed by industry experts with 14+ years of experience, you should enroll today!

Watch our YouTube video on the Digital Marketing course to help you better get an idea.

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