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Could someone tell me what is an advanced Digital Marketing course?

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Advanced Digital Marketing course is nothing but a Digital Marketing course that focuses on delivering or making you understand the Digital Marketing domain in-depth to make efficient usage of this platform. Google’s Fundamental to Digital Marketing course is free of cost and is of beginner level which is of 40hrs of 26 video modules, and once you complete that you need to qualify for a test of 40 questions to get certification that is also free of cost.

But Google’s certification is nothing more than getting your basics correct. If you wish to get trained and skilled in Digital Marketing in a more advanced way, I would recommend you to take up the Digital Marketing Certification Course from Intellipaat which offers you instructor-led courses and guided projects to help you not only become certified but also practically skilled in the domain. Watch our video made by our subject-matter experts in the Digital Marketing course to get started with fundamentals.

See this Digital Marketing Course for more information :


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