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Could someone tell me how do I start a career in Digital Marketing?

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Well, thanks to the Marketing domain transitioning from traditional mode of marketing to the new and modern mode of marketing that uses Digital medium to converse with customers. Now you could start your career in Digital marketing by getting you the required skillset through online platforms. Let me give you some tips to help you start you’re your career in Digital Marketing:

  1. Register for Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, to help you get around the basics of Digital Marketing, earn certification in it by qualifying for the test.
  2. And always remember, that this domain is like any other IT field, that needs continuous education and upskilling, so, you should fix a mental attitude of keep on learning, otherwise, you cannot sustain in this domain.
  3. Pursue some internships, or get yourself certified in Digital Marketing from a reputed company, by enrolling in their Digital Marketing courses. Because having a certification, separates you from the crowd and helps you validate your present skillsets. In this regard, I would suggest you take up courses from Intellipaat, as its certification holds high value in almost 80 MNC’s around the world like Sony, Ericsson, Cognizant, etc.

Also, watch our video on Digital Marketing tutorial specifically made for beginners, I highly recommend you to watch to help you get started.

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