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Could someone tell me whether RPA is part of AI?

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RPA or Robotic Process Automation is all about automating tasks that are redundant, repetitive, and almost require no-brain to complete the tasks, using bots. Whereas, AI or Artificial Intelligence is a technology through which we could impart intelligence to machines to allow them to make decisions, form judgments based on their analysis, to better complete a task using many cognitive skills, to mimic human thinking and perception. Where RPA is focused on doing repetitive tasks all over again using bots 24*7, their AI is used in getting intelligent tasks done, without needing human intervention. So, RPA is not a part of AI, as both these technologies are totally different. But lately, a term has been gaining ground and that is Cognitive RPA. This is the union of AI with RPA, and that is used to get complex things done, using AI to decide and take decisions while doing complex tasks, and then feed that to RPA to complete that task using bots, all this without having any sort of human-intervention.

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