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What is the importance and role of AI in robotics?

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Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in the field of Robotics as it helps in developing intelligent robots by integrating AI. The combination of AI and Robotics is extremely powerful as it helps in automating several business processes. AI has become a common and one of the most useful solutions in Robotics with its learning capabilities and flexibility.

Some of the places where AI has been deployed in the field of Robotics are as follows:

  • Assemble: Artificial Intelligence is useful in various robotic assembly applications. Ai with advanced vision systems can help in a real-time correction that plays a crucial role in the field of Aerospace and other complex manufacturing fields.

  • Package: Robotic packaging makes use of various types of AI applications at a lower cost, faster speed, accurate packaging, and more. Besides, it can help save various motions made by robotic systems by refining them regularly. This makes it easy for professionals to easily install and move robotic systems.

  • Customer Service: Robots are widely used in the customer service department in most hotels and retail stores. Most robots use Natural Language Processing and  Artificial Intelligence to interact with their clients and customers in the most human-like way.

These are just a few of the places where AI can be integrated with Robotics to make it more efficient and useful.

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