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Is there a way to plot a decision tree in a Jupyter Notebook, such that I can interactively explore its nodes? I am thinking about something like this 


This is an example from KNIME.

I have found and and I know you can run d3 in Jupyter, but I have not found any packages, that do that.

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You can easily plot a graph for the Desicion tree. This can be done by the PYDot library in python.

Code to draw a graph using PYDot:


from pydot import Dot, Edge

        g = Dot()

        g.set_node_defaults(color='lightgray', style='filled', shape='box',

       fontname='Courier', fontsize='10')

       for node in sorted(self.nodes, key=lambda x: x.num):

            if draw_branches and node.type.is_cond:

                g.add_edge(Edge(str(node), str(node.true), color='green'))

                g.add_edge(Edge(str(node), str(node.false), color='red'))


        for suc in self.sucs(node):

                    g.add_edge(Edge(str(node), str(suc), color='blue'))

            for except_node in self.catch_edges.get(node, []):

                g.add_edge(Edge(str(node), str(except_node),

                                color='black', style='dashed'))

        g.write_png('%s/%s.png' % (dname, name))

The code will return graph similar to the following graph:


Hope this answer helps.

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