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I discovered that there are a few issues in the most recent Anaconda 3 python 3.7 version for the object detection and also for the face recognition deep learning issues from different posts. The authority Anaconda site is just giving the most recent python 3.7 form here. I need to work on a comparative deep learning project in Windows 10 (64 bit) which requires Anaconda 3 with python 3.6 version.

I found a few posts giving solutions on Intellipaat to a Linux environment however I was unable to discover any answer for the Windows 10 working OS. Would anyone be able to share with me how to download the Anaconda 3 python 3.6 variant?.

Anyone, please help me?

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Suggestion: Learn how to utilize conda by perusing get started with conda. The difficult you experience is an extremely regular case that could be tackled by conda, as a environment manager. 

Solution 1:

Utilize an environment with Python 3.6 installed, and actuate this environment each an ideal opportunity to work with your task.

# create an environment with python 3.6

conda create -n py36 python=3.6

# activate this environment

conda activate py36

Solution 2:

You can also try the below code, By overriding the python 3.7 within the base with python 3.6

conda install -n base python=3.6

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