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Can anyone tell me how to install sympy package in python?

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Check the below steps:

You can also use pip3 install sympy on MacOS.

  1. List item
  2. Open your "Terminal".
  3. Input pip3 install sympy and press enter.
  4. It will automatically download and install the Sympy Package.

Once after finishing the installation, try to open the python IDLE and try:

from sympy import Symbol, cos

x = Symbol('x')

e = 1/cos(x)

print(e.series(x, 0, 10))

# Result

# 1 + x**2/2 + 5*x**4/24 + 61*x**6/720 + 277*x**8/8064 + O(x**10)

If it works, It will show that "Sympy" Package has been installed.

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