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Could someone tell me which companies are best for Business Analysts to work for?

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Now, this is a too general and subjective query for which there is no single answer that could be held high. First of all, the words best are general in their all entirety, some prefer money than work culture, some hold work culture as the highest standard, and some hole perks and incentives higher, and the other lots regard, less work as the “best” place to work for. So, answering each individual question is totally out of the scope of this answer. So, I would suggest you have a good market understanding, of the skills that you require for a company that you are targeting to break into. You might never know a company fully from outside just by going through their reviews or through any other mediums. Then the alternative idea might be to go for some internship in the company, and then decide whether this company falls under your “best” category.

As far as the skill sets are concerned, I would recommend you to enroll in the Business Analyst course online from Intellipaat, as this offers you a course that is designed to enhance your practical skills, to fetch you a job easily, by validating your knowledge through certifications. And Intellipaat’s certification is held in high regard in many organizations around the world. If you wish to get started, then have a look at a video on the Business Analyst tutorial.

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