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Could someone tell me what should be the career goals of a Business Analyst?

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Well, the answer to this query would be subjective and to answer it would depend on individual to individual. Some will have higher aspirations by transitioning to higher jobs, some will have other plans running on their minds. So, there can’t be any specific or mandatory goals that every Business Analyst should have. But, every one of them who is in the shoe of a Business Analyst should always work upon themselves to meet their companies targets and other metrics to drive the business they are working with. In simple words, if they find that they lack some skill sets that are hindering their progress, then they should work around it to get rid of it completely.

For example, if a BA finds out that he/she is inadequate in handling stakeholders or clients, or is unable to communicate properly or produce accurate results. Then they should keep their lacking as their ultimate goal or objective. Other than these you don’t need to have presumed that you should have some clear-cut goals, before stepping on the shoes of a Business Analyst. Just remember in this changing time, the way forward is going forward, and that means you always need to learn continuously and get yourself skilled in a path that you are traveling and be prepared to grab any opportunity that’s coming your way. If it’s the technical skills or practical experience in the domain, that’s bothering you, then enroll in a good Business Analyst Course, from Intellipaat. And if you are new to the domain, then check out the following video on the Business Analytics tutorial for beginners.

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