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Could someone tell me what is the scope of career as a Business Analyst in India?

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The scope of a career as a Business Analyst in India is booming. Rising opportunities in every field and domain and that make this profession very versatile. And not only that, there is very high growth that is possible for professionals in this domain. With right skill sets a Business Analyst could transform his career and reach newer heights. Because going forward it's all about data, and what meaningful, actionable insights you could extract from these data sets. And that exactly is the job of Business Analysts, who help their organizations and companies, to make better decisions that could transform, their business model, bring in more efficiency, and enhance optimization. If you wish to learn Business Analytics and want to break into this domain, then check out the Business Analyst Certification course from Intellipaat. And if you need a visual understanding to get started with Business Analytics course, watch the following video.

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