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We need to track down the number of 'a's in a given string s increased boundless occasions. we will be given a number n that is the cutting size of the endless string. test input aba 10 

Output:- 7 here aba is increased(multiplied) with 10 coming about in 'abaabaabaa' and the no.of 'a's are 7 this is my code 

def repeatedString(s, n):

    count = 0

    inters = s * n

    reals = s[0:n+1]

    for i in reals:

        if (i == 'a'):

            count += 1

    return count

I'm getting 2 rather than 7 as the yield (testcase 'aba' 10). where did I turn out badly? I just duplicated the given string with n since it won't ever be more noteworthy than the cutting size.

Here's the link for the problem:

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Look at the below code using python3

s = input().strip()

n = int(input())


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