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Instead of creating different different plots for a data-frame, I want to create a matrix of density plots for a data frame where I can see all the columns in one plot. For creating it separately I am using below code. How can I get all the columns in one plot?

loan_amnt <- density(out_data$loan_amnt)

plot(loan_amnt, main="Loan Amount")

polygon(loan_amnt, col="red", border="blue")

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For getting all the columns in one plot you can combine gather() from library dplyr, and facet_grid() or facet_wrap() from ggplot2.

 Gather will regroup all the column names in one variable (values of these variables in a second variable) and then you can build plot with the help of ggplot and then use facet_wrap that will create one plot for each level of the used variable with the column names.

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