Introduction to R

In this R tutorial, we will start off by learning what exactly is R.

  • R is an open-source tool
  • R is also a cross-platform compatible language
  • R is a great visualization tool
  • R is used for data science and machine learning tasks.


Now, let’s explore each of these traits of R.

R Programming for Beginners Video

R Programming Tutorial for Beginners - Learn R

R: Open Source Tool

Since R is an open-source programming language, you can download it for free and start to learn R Programming. And if you already are an expert at R Programming, you can contribute to the R Community by creating your own packages which the entire R community can use. So, you can add your own innovations to the existing set of libraries in R.

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R: Cross-Platform Compatible Language

Since R is a cross-platform compatible language, you can run the same R code in multiple operating systems. Let’s say, you are using a windows system, but your client has a MAC, you don’t have to worry at all, because your R code will run without any problems on your client’s system.

R: Visualization Tool

R is a great visualization tool. It provides multiple packages such as ggplot2, ggvis, and plotly with which we can create stunning visualizations. This is also one of the major reasons why people learn R Programming. When it comes to data visualization in R is far ahead when compared to Python.

R: Data Science and Machine Learning Tool

With the help of R language, you can implement various machine learning algorithms such as Linear Regression, Decision Tree and Naïve Bayes.

Going ahead in this R Programming Tutorial, we will see which companies are using R and for what purpose.

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Companies using R


  • Google: R is a language that is widely used by Google. Google has a project called Google Flu Trends, which uses R to estimate current flu activity. Google also uses R Programming to make their advertising more effective.
  • Facebook: If you have a Facebook account, then you’d probably be updating your status and putting up profile pictures. Facebook is able to this with the help of R programming
  • Airbnb: Airbnb have created their own R package called ‘Rbnb’ for the purpose of visualization of data scaling

Next up in this R Programming Tutorial, we will also see the salary trends for experts in R Programming.

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Salary Trends for R Programming

According to O’Reilly Data Scientist Survey, the median salary for R skills is around $115,000. With R skills, you have an opportunity to apply for different job roles such as:

  • Statistical Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer

So, salary and an exciting career should definitely be a good motivator for you to learn R Programming.
Going ahead in the further modules of this R Programming Tutorial, you will learn different aspects of R Programming.

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