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I'm quite new to the entirety of this so this may be a noobie question.. be that as it may, I am hoping to discover the length of dictionary esteems... however, I don't have the foggiest idea how this should be possible.

For example:

d = {'key':['hello', 'brave', 'morning', 'sunset', 'metaphysics']}

I was just wondering is there a way I can discover the len or number of things of the dictionary esteem. 


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Sure. For this situation, you'd simply do:

length_key = len(d['key'])  # length of the list stored at `'key'` ...

It's difficult to say why you really need this, in any case, maybe it is helpful to make another dict that maps the keys to the length of qualities:

length_dict = {key: len(value) for key, value in d.items()}

length_key = length_dict['key']  # length of the list stored at `'key'` ...

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