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I have a list of about 50 strings with an integer representing how frequently they occur in a text document. I have already formatted it like shown below, and am trying to create a dictionary of this information, with the first word being the value and the key is the number beside it.

string = [('limited', 1), ('all', 16), ('concept', 1), ('secondly', 1)]

The code I have so far:

my_dict = {}

for pairs in string:

    for int in pairs:

       my_dict[pairs] = int

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Like this, Python's dict() function is perfectly designed for converting a list of tuples, which is what you have:

>>> string = [('limited', 1), ('all', 16), ('concept', 1), ('secondly', 1)]

>>> my_dict = dict(string)

>>> my_dict

{'all': 16, 'secondly': 1, 'concept': 1, 'limited': 1}

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