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Could anyone tell me how to get ECBA certified?

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ECBA or Entry Certificate to Business Analysis is a certificate to validate your foundational knowledge in approaching Business Analysis from IIBA, based on the BABOK Guide. To get ECBA Certified, you must follow these preliminary steps outlined by IIBA, and they are: 

  • You must have an IIBA Account. If not, you can create it on the official IIBA website. 

  • You must have completed 21hrs of Professional Development in the last four years. Your hours can be tracked and logged using the IIBA account. 

  • Then you must agree to the IIBA Code of Conduct. 

  • And finally, their Terms and Conditions.

After these initial steps, you can take up an ECBA Certification course from a recognized e-learning partner like Intellipaat to crack the exam on 1st attempt. And to get started, watch the following video on How to Become a Business Analyst with No Experience. 

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