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Could I become a Data Scientist at 30?

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Yes, of course, you can! Age is just a number. Jokes apart, you can pursue your career at any age in this digital era, where every information that you ever need is already available on the internet. If you are working in a Non-Tech domain and are feeling stagnant, you could do a career transition to Data Science and eventually become a Data Scientist at any age, provided you have the necessary skills that a particular company demands. 

Here is a real-life example of Suraj, who was in a Non-Tech domain for more than 5 years and enrolled in Intellipaat's Data Science Masters Course, and became a Data Science Expert. To become a successful Data Scientist you must master 3 domains; Math, Statistics, and Coding. If you are well-versed in all three, you can chart your course to become a Data Scientist. Do watch this video wherein Suraj shares his learning experience with Intellipaat and how it helped him to make that transition possible. 

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