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In our project we are using Jitterbit as a proxy between two systems - our Salesforce application and one third party service (we are using web services integration), and Jitterbit-part of our solution contains some business-logic (it's runned on a schedule hourly). Our team are actively working on the project and we are often modifying Jitterbit-part.

So, we are looking for abilities to improve our development process with help of Git and Continuous integration, especially for Jitterbit project (Salesforce part of a project are already using it). So, we have two issues here:

  • We know that we can export Jitterbit project and put it to Git repository, but this export process always generate a lot of rubbish (some UIDs and other such stuff which is not directly related to our changes in the project). This makes it difficult clearly to observe changes in each commit.
  • We didn't find any abilities to setup any CI tool (Jenkins, Travis-ci) for building and deploying to cloud a Jitterbit project automatically (It seems to me, there is no such option in Jitterbit at all, but hope I'm wrong).

Can anybody with such experience help me, please?

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Assume that you are running on Harmony or v8+, then, you should be able to monitor your local Projects folder or any set of the specific projects there. Likewise, Studio v8+ renders command-line support to allow for (automated) deploys (and more), so you can set-up your CI/CD tool (ie Jenkins) to be fully integrated with it.

You will apparently get more guidance around the process, so remember that Jitterbit has an official and free unlimited support - just email [email protected] from your work email and they should get you going from there. You can share any general feedback with them as well, ie perhaps the need for CLI support for CI or more thorough official documentation to be posted on, etc.

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