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What program should someone take to transition from a non-IT background into the data science field?

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The Data science and AI course from Intellipaat is the ideal program for changing a career from a non-IT background to a data science field. This course offers the learners a good amount of incredible features along with many advantages. It is ranked as #1 Data Science Program by India TV. In this course, the learners will get to learn from CCE, IIT Madras faculties and Industry Experts. Some of the more amazing features in this course include:

  • One on One interaction with the mentors

  • 3 Guaranteed Interviews

  • 50+ Industry Projects & Case Studies 

  • Soft Skills Essential Training

  • 2 Days campus immersion at CCE, IIT Madras

There are many learners who have benefited from this course. You can check out the success story of Saurav, one of the learner from Intellipaat who successfully completed the course and switched his career from a non IT background to Data Science Field.

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