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I want a easy way to save, copy and edit files on a remote server. I'm using Eclipse as an IDE, what could be better for these tasks than RSE(Remote System Exlporer) plugin for Eclipse. The thing is that I dont know how to make a connection using a public key. I have file that I downloaded from my Amazon account, *.pem. But I don't see any forms or inputs for this, when I try to connect to my remote Linux server. It is just User-id and password. I also tried to open the public key using the system's text editor and copy everything to my password field, but it didn't worked. Pls help me

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Since you already have a key, you can connect to your instance by following the steps for using eclipse with an existing key to SSH into your instance.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Open your Eclipse SDK and go to Window->Preferences menu. 

2. now navigate to General->Network Connections->SSH2

3. Here you input the location of your key and in private keys field, you provide the key.

4. Now navigate General->RemoteSystem and set your user name for SSH.

  • For Amazon Linux instances: ec2-user
  • For Ubuntu instance: ubuntu

Now you should be able to connect.

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