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I have created an AWS EC2 Instance and I want to be able to upload files to the server directory using FileZilla in the simplest and most straightforward fashion possible.


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Follow the steps below to upload content to your instance:

  1. On the menu bar - Edit (preferences) → Settings SFTP (click “Add key file”)

  2. Click on your instances .pem file and choose it

  3. A dialogue box appears, asks permission to convert your pem file into ppk format. So, click “Yes”, then save the file in a location (If you already have a ppk file, then you can directly use it)

  4. If the saved key is shown in the list then continue, if not then add the keyfile by clicking on “Add key file”.

  5. On the Quick connect bar, enter the following information

    1. Host - You instance’s public DNS or IP

    2. Port - 22 (or whatever your port number is)

    3. Username - Your instance’s username (i.e. ubuntu for an Ubuntu instance)

    4. Password - Instance’s password

  6. Click on “Quickconnect”. Now, you are good to upload and download files.

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