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Is Tableau worth learning if my goal is to find work as a data scientist?

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Tableau is a data visualization tool that enables you to create interactive and apt visualizations in the form of dashboards, worksheets to gain business insights for the better development of your company. It allows non-technical users to easily create customized dashboards that provide insight to a broad spectrum of information.

A Data professional : 

  • knows when to use the right tool. Tableau, R, Python, etc are all tools. If you think Tableau only makes beautiful graphs and dashboards, you do not fully understand the benefits of the tool.
  • looks for data, especially how others uses data. Is this a site license? Has your company set this as the enterprise standard? Many companies struggle with having any standards. If this IS how management and departments are monitoring Company KPIs, you better get to know Tableau. Because you will understand what data they care about, what insights they are trying to gain, and how they are calculating (or wrongly calculating) their numbers.
  •  chooses the right medium of communication. While R and Python can also create beautiful graphs, documentation, etc. 95% of your non-technical audience will not appreciate you used Jupyter, ggplot2, seaborn. What they care about is your findings. The majority of the time, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and BI reports (e.g. Tableau Reports) are what they are looking for, whatever they can easily open and view.
  • knows how to pitch his skunkworks. Tableau has R integration. Tableau connects to a variety of data sources, including big data type warehouses. Leverage these options to open doors for you to learn stuff at work. Tableau is just an entrance fee for you to do more data type projects.
  • always learn. Kudos to you that you want to prioritize your learning. This will be one of the many items where you need to decide when you are getting diminishing returns when learning Tableau, rather than a binary decision of learning it or not.

You can find all the Tableau basics and features of Tableau that enable you to do some amazing things in this blog. Kindly go through the blog if you haven’t yet. I am pretty sure that you will find it quite useful.

You can refer to the https://intellipaat.com/tableau-training/ as it will help you in preparing for a career as Software Developer, BI Professional, System and IT Administrator. Most data Scientists appreciate the horsepower of Tableau Desktop paired with the Online or Server versions of the software. Also, you can take a look at this video too.

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