What is Tableau?

Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool that can be used by even non-technical professionals to come up with customized dashboards and generate compelling business insights using a wide variety of data sources.

What is Tableau?
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Business intelligence and analytics are among the aspects in organizations that have gained importance over the years. Fact that organizational data in a raw form can be analyzed and interpreted has made organization management, especially the CEO, to realize that how effective this process can be. Even interpretation of the data as a daily office work has become lot easier. Some charts and tables took days to be completed and refined, but with the help of BI softwares it has become a matter of minutes or even seconds. Business intelligence softwares give you the option to put raw data in the form of files such as Microsoft Excel and then give you an output in the finest and refined form. BI software keeps you up to date and agile as they save much of your time, and not just only that, the interpretation and output they yield is very useful, colorful and attractive. Intellipaat provides best Tableau training and Best Tableau Tutorial to understand every thing in deep.

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In recent times, businesses are expanding more than ever and organizational data has become enormous, needing BI to an optimum level. BI software are very agile and up to date, so, if your organization is moving forward, so should your business intelligence software. Realizing this need many organizations provide trainings, both physical and online, to the eager learners on recent BI softwares like Tableau, Spotfire, MongoDB and Hadoop. Hadoop online training is among the foremost revenue generator for many online training organizations.

Tableau Desktop is such Business Intelligence and data visualization software which is not only easy to use but also interactive and effective enough to fulfill your highly professional needs. It answers your query in a precise manner instructed by you and in a fashion that makes your eyes lit up, at the same time sharing the interpretation is secure and easy.

Here is an outlook of what Tableau software really looks like; a user interface which is highly user friendly and efficient.


Now, to get an idea of how it is used and how it gives an output I’ll let you have insight to it in rest of my blog. Data connection options in Tableau are enormous as you can import data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Text file or any other source through a server.

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So, let’s say we want to import a Microsoft Excel file containing data of super store sales for that we just need to identify the file and put it into Tableau software. Now you will have to identify the form of output you want such as single table form, multi-table form or custom SQL.

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Doing so, will bring you endless options of tables and bar charts containing sales data, orders, customers, unit price, profits etc. Another salient and brilliant feature is that you can drag and drop each and every option on to the panel and Tableau will manage it for you. Well, not just this is awesome but also the output colors are so bright, vivid and charming that working will seem fun and joy.

tableau 4

 So, if you want to take advantage of your organization data or want to make your hectic routine of data handling and management lot easier and fun, then surely Tableau should be your first and foremost choice.

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