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Could someone tell me why is it hard to find a job as a data scientist?

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The demand for Data Scientists around the world is not being met by an equal number of expertise and qualified candidates. Even the basis on which Data Scientists are being hired has changed. It is based on organizational requirements rather than specific qualifications. So, experience and hands-on projects play a key role in establishing oneself as a viable candidate in the field.

 While job openings are plenty for a Data Scientist to apply to, it is rare for candidates to fill those positions, mostly because they don’t have the right skills or enough skills for that matter. Data Science requires multidisciplinary expertise and there is no room for mediocrity. 

 The only way to get around it is by rigorously training yourself in the field as well as working on all kinds of Data Science projects that can give you hands-on experience. These projects can then be later showcased as part of your portfolio. 

 Data Science also demands staying updated on all the latest techniques, trends, and technologies. So, upskilling is the best way to stay relevant in the field.

 Finally, it is also a skill to efficiently hunt for jobs in your field. So, learn how to build a career in Data Science.

 The below video explores the skills required for Data Science jobs: 

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