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In what order should I learn machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning. Before going into further in these fields you should learn Python programming language. So, the order in which you should learn these fields are:

1. Machine Learning

2. Deep Learning

If I talk about Natural Language Processing then it's a part of these fields. So, while covering the concepts in these fields you will learn all about NLP.

If you are a beginner go through this blog to know more about AI Tutorial.

Also, if you want to learn AI from scratch you must go through this tutorial:

For getting a job as an AI engineer you should be a professional in AI and you need to have a certificate for proving it, so, you should go for Artificial Intelligence Course to make your career rise to the next level.

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