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What is the difference between Ant and Maven in Selenium?

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We will understand each one firstly we will have a look at Ant and Maven:- 


  • Ant does not have formal conventions, so we need to provide information about the project structure in build.xml file.

  • Ant is procedural; you need to give proper information about what to do and when to do through code.

  • There is no life cycle in Ant.

  • Ant is a toolbox.

  • Ant is a build tool.

  • The ant scripts are not reusable.

  • Ant is not so preferred than Maven.


  • There is a convention in Maven which is maven used compiled code, place source code, etc. It means we do not need to give information related to the project structure in pom.xml file.

  • Maven is declarative, everything you define in the pom.xml file.

  • There is a life cycle in Maven.

  • Maven is a framework.

  • Maven is a project management tool.

  • The Maven plugins are reusable.

  • Maven is more preferred than Ant.

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