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Could you please explain the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

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Artificial Intelligence is building smart machines that can mimic human actions to solve complex problems. AI is the superset of Deep Learning and Machine Learning. AI is classified into three types such as Weak AI, General AI, and Strong AI based on the capabilities. AI can also handle unstructured data like images, audio, video, etc. Applications of AI are Alexa, Chatbots, etc.

Machine Learning is making machines to learn from the data so that they can give accurate output. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence that learns the patterns and trends from the previous data without explicitly programmed. Machine learning can handle only structured and semi-structured data but not unstructured data. The applications of ML are recommendation systems, search engine algorithms, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence is a domain in computer science that aims to replicate and bring out human-like intelligence by programming machines. It also goes by the name Machine Intelligence. There are sub-modules in the field of Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning; their goals are to achieve Artificial Intelligence itself. Machine Learning, being one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence, is the domain that involves users programming machines, thereby providing them the ability to autonomously learn and improve on understanding things based on previous experiences. Machine Learning is based on the idea that computers can learn and adapt to new things via experience while Artificial Intelligence has a broader goal, which involves getting the machines to execute tasks in a 'smart' way.

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