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What changes have been noticed before and after the introduction of AI and Machine Learning?

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Facebook since its inception has regularly updated its interface to keeps it fresh and attractive. But along the way, they also received flak for allowing obscene images, hate speeches, cyber-bullying, in their platforms, all because of inefficient procedures put-up in place to deal with.

Then slowly with advancements in technology like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the applications of these technologies, started growing to be more profound and impactful. They implemented these technologies to filter the posts, that do not meet their guidelines, thus helped them in taking down such posts. And thus, improve the overall interface's smooth and easy, and pleasant experience without reading or going over obscene or hate content.

  • AI and ML helped in targeting audiences with a potential marketing strategy, that helped increase revenue by enhanced conversions.
  • Improved Friend suggestions.
  • Automatic tagging a person who is present in the photo.
  • Features like these started rolling over, along the way, and still, Facebook is trying to enhance the user experience to more convenient and profitable.

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