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What is quick filter in tableau?

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Quick filters are simple filters that can be shown in a worksheet. By using these filters you will able to do more functionality related to filtering and these filtering needs are common. The disadvantage of quick filters is that they will increase the loading time that’s why it is recommended to use only necessary quick filters and do not add more quick filters in your worksheet or Dashboard.

Steps to create a quick filter in Tableau

Step 1: Drag and drop the dimension or measure that you want for filtering, in to the filters card

Step 2: Then apply your filtering criteria by which your data should filter

Step 3: Now click on drop down button (inverted triangle symbol) which appears just in front of filter and select show filter option then that filter will appear in your worksheet or dashboard.

If you want to learn more about Quick filters check tableau tutorial or get indepth knowledge about this field through Tableau Certification Course by Intellipaat.

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