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Can anyone tell me what companies hire Data Scientists?

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Data Scientist is needed in almost in every the sector with the increase in data availability and to improve the decision making from data analysis. The scope of Data Science as per the requirements in each sector for 2020, 38 % in BFSI, 13% in Energy, 12 % in Healthcare,11% in  E-commerce, 7% in Retail, 6% in Media

If you are looking for complete data science companies, these are the top 10 data science companies in India:

  • Bridgei2i
  • Fractal Analytics
  • Cartesian consulting
  • Deloitte
  • TEG Analytics
  • EY (Ernst and Young)
  • Oracle
  • ZS associates
  • Cloudera
  • Numerator

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You can watch this video on how to start a career in Data Science to know the top data science companies:

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