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I have recently started using pyBrain to conduct some machine learning research. I am interested in GAs as well as ANNs - however despite the fact that the pyBrain homepage lists GA as one of the features of the library, there does not seem to be anything in the pyBrain documentation on GA programming (e.g. chromosome selection, fitness functions, etc), and there are no examples involving GA on the PyBrain site (AFAIK).

Also, equally surprising is that all my searches to find GA examples using PyBrain have also, yielded nothing. Does anyone have a link to the code that shows a GA example using pyBrain?

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PyBrain is a modular Machine Learning Library for Python programming language. Its main aim is to provide a flexible(easily gets updated), easy-to-use yet still powerful algorithms for Machine Learning Tasks and a variety of predefined environments to test and compare your algorithms.

PyBrain is an acronym for Python-Based Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Network Library.

Never the less GAs are supported in PyBrain through the Evolvable abstract class which is minimally described in the documentation page about Black-box Optimization

You can refer the following link for more information regarding the Pybrain tutorial for implementing GA:

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